I’m a bit disappointed that this is our last post. I’ve had a great time posting (and just might start my own blog, email me if you’d like to follow!) and reading everyone’s views on the different topics we have talked about. One type of media that I’ve created pretty regularly is making videos with photos and music. I’ve made multiple videos like this and I think it’s a great keep sake to look back at a trip or event. In this video, I’ve let you into my life a bit. I show you some of my background in dancing, culinary arts, traveling and taking some cool photos. With the topic of media, I’ve backed this video with the song Good Life by OneRepublic. I think this is a good song to close out the summer with. Enjoy!

Thank you for following!



3 thoughts on “Farewell!

  1. Rachel, that is awesome to see your culinary skills took you to Europe!! Looks like a dream come true. I’m not gonna lie, the deserts in your video made me hungry and made me wanna try something new so I made a blackberry crumble for dinner (had to start with something easy, not quite at your level haha). I was too impatient for any other kind of meal so I just let it bake and had that to myself. Anyways, best of luck to you and your future endeavors in life!

  2. Hey Rachel,

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog each week. I like your writing style it is amusing to read. From watching your slideshow I have a better understanding why I always felt like I agreed with what you said on your blogs. I have always loved dancing and I was also on cheer. Your baking pictures are incredible, you definitely have a talent in that! I think that is fantastic that your baking expertise sent you to Italy! That is truly extraordinary and it must have been an unforgettable experience‚ĶCONGRATULATIONS!! Thanks for sharing all of your photos as well! Great blogging all summer and good luck with that baking of yours!

  3. I’ll follow your blog!
    This is such a fun video. Your pastries are marvelous edible art! I’m impressed and, yes, a bit hungry now. Thanks so much for posting the Italy pics. I already miss it just a bit — and it’s only been a week! And then Hawaii. Darn, you travel to some remarkable places.
    Thanks for all your work in JMC 302. It’s been great having you aboard.

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