Super Mario Bros.

As far as the game playing, I just went to Google and looked for ‘free online games’ and nothing really seemed to interest me that much. But then I realized that a few months ago I was playing one of those games on Facebook, MyVegas. It’s a slot game that you play, you gain coins and you can actually cash the game coins you earn into real things in Las Vegas: like a free drink or appetizer, all the way to tickets to a show or a free hotel room. My sister lives in Las Vegas and I thought it would be awesome to get some prizes to use whenever I went to visit. It’s not the most exciting game, you just watch your numbers climb, but hey, you can get free stuff. One of my friends was playing it for almost a year so he could use his winnings when he went to EDC in Las Vegas.

The Craig A. Anderson article on the myths of video games was pretty interesting. There was definitely some good information and I liked that they pointed out that violent video games can in fact lead to more aggressive behavior, fighting, and even violent criminal behavior. It seems like most parents don’t think about this aspect. Now, I know MOST people with some common sense (not everyone has this) can differentiate from reality and fantasy. There are a lot of kids out there who can’t. We’ve all heard about the accidents that can happen when kids are playing around with a real gun. They think it’s cool at first because it’s just like the movies or games, until it goes too far.

I was never really into any of the more violent games because, let’s be real. I’m quite the baby when it comes to horror movies, so if I’m playing a game where something is coming after me, something I have to kill, I just get scared and hand the controller to someone who knows what they are doing!

As far as why people play video games, I think it’s mostly to pass the time with an interactive challenge that is a subject of the person’s interest. I grew up with a bunch of boys in my neighborhood. I would always try to play video games with them but hey, I sucked at playing, so they didn’t let me play very much. We would mainly play all the old Super Mario Bros. games and Donkey Kong, etc. Those were pretty awesome. When I got a little older and had a Playstation 2, I was into the Disney game Kingdom Hearts (which I still can’t beat!) I used to ask the boys over to come help me with the levels I was stuck on. You know when you get all into the game when you’re whole body is shaking and your shaking the controller just hoping it will help. I was also really into the Guitar Hero games. I figure if I can’t actually learn to play, might as well rock out like this! (except none of that Rock Band stuff, the drums are hard!)


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3 thoughts on “Super Mario Bros.

  1. Rachel!! It pumped me up to see someone else write a bit about Donkey Kong and the Nintendo 64 games. I still play them today haha. Guitar Hero was also awesome and I just have to add that I killed it on the Rock Band drums. But I actually play drums and have a decent set as well… so that definitely helped a bit. Your mentioning of being scared of horror movies also reminds me about some creepy and violent games I’ve played on the Xbox 360. There was like some zombie island one that I played at night once because I was bored and it was legit scary. The Facebook game you mentioned also sounded pretty cool. Especially how your friend used his for his trip to EDC. I definitely need to check this game out for myself for when I visit my cousin out there. Great post!

  2. UGH I could never figure out guitar hero even as a musician! Anyways, that whole MyVegas thing sounds super interesting! And I totally agree with you when you say that most people with common sense can differentiate between reality and fantasy (I do still hate mosquitoes after the fly swatter game on Mario Paint but I think that is because I get bit by them too frequently and not because they were hard to swat in the game). Videos games are definitely an interactive challenge like you said and I really like that you posted a picture of Crash Bandicoot, that series was one of my favorites to play while growing up!

  3. I am still stuck in the last world of Kingdom Hearts and I still can’t pass it, I come back to it from time to time and it still makes me just as angry as before. I think it is super interesting that your friend actually turned his time playing video games into some tangible and he really gained something from his experience because video games are usually just a form of entertainment. I also think its important that you brought up the fact that some kids are unable to know the difference between whats allowed in video games and in real life and parents really don’t monitor their kid’s video game consumption like they should.

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