Truth or Truth?

Parody news can be pretty entertaining, at least for those who understand the definition of the word ‘Parody’. I personally don’t have too much experience with new parody. I’m not hooked on the shows like Stephen Colbert or Jon Stewart. I have seen them before, and sure, I like them because I understand that they are playing a character and it’s a parody about the news, and that their show should be taken with a grain of salt. (or hell, the full margarita).

I think Colbert did a great job by drawing attention to the subject of the migrant farmworkers. Even though he was acting out of sorts and complaining about the day at work, which only ended up being about 12 minutes? He was still able to show what a typical day or work looked like. Maybe people who don’t really think about how they get their food were shown how much work it actually takes: hours in the sun, or sorting, or counting, and muscle pain that might come with it. Hopefully it can teach them to appreciate their food more, especially if they don’t want to be doing the field work.

In general, I think parody news can be pretty worthless and that it’s main focus is on entertainment. I do think it can be somewhat valuable for people that might not really watch real news programs and just want the general points of an issue with the entertainment factor. These parody shows do provide an amount of facts to them, you just have to find out what that amount is: what’s true and what’s not. Personally, I’m not a regular viewer of these shows, but then again, I don’t regularly watch actual news shows either. (that sounds horrible.)

I’ve added this video just for kicks. It’s with Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon playing ‘Truth or Truth?’ It’s pretty hilarious.

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5 thoughts on “Truth or Truth?

  1. Food waste is a completely different issue than labor rights but I think the issues have a lot of overlap. People waste food for many different reasons but what I think most of them don’t realize is all of the hard painful work that went into getting that food on their plate. If our population was more informed on the horrible environment that farm laborers are in on a daily basis than maybe people would think twice before throwing away their extra food.I agree that parody news’s value varies from person to person. I am sure a ton of people watch these shows just for laughs but I personally watch them because I think it is a fun way to learn important information.

  2. I also think that parody news can be pretty worthless and it’s main focus is entertaining, but like you, I also think that it gives people who don’t keep up on the news a little bit of a heads up. Ideally people want to be informed about what is going on in this country/the world, but I know that isn’t a reality. Good post with great insight and without bias. Also, love the clip at the end, I watched it a couple weeks ago on the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon YouTube channel and it was just as funny today 🙂

  3. loved the video you added at the end! super funny. I personally don’t like much parody news because I think it’s dumb homor, but I liked the point you made about how even though dumb, it can bring a lot of attention to major issues which in the end is a good thing. nice post! 🙂

  4. I totally agree with you that when watching these shows you kind of have to let them say what they say and take it at face value because it could be totally made up or true since they use a lot of sarcasm. I’ve always been a fan of the shows even though I don’t watch them very often because it’s sad how often they joke about something that is totally true. In a way you are getting the most infantile and dumbed down version of the news happening worldwide, but in another sense these men like Colbert and Stewart will often say the things that any real news reporters won’t, the truth. He definitely wouldn’t make it two days as a migrant worker even though he obviously was overplaying it a bit (the motorized chair and grabby clamp thing haha). I feel like Colbert is a little more down to Earth than Stewart, it just seems like Colbert will say things directly to you as a citizen more often (usually at the end out of character) while Stewart just seems less personal. Either way they’re on TV and just on their to make people laugh for ratings but sometimes they are put in situations where they do reveal a bit of truth, I can remember Colbert interviewing some Southern state assemblymen and asking them questions related to US history/politics, they all barely knew anything.

  5. I totally agree that people need to understand satire and parody to fully understand parody news. Without this understanding they will completely misread things from these news sources. I don’t know how many times I have seen people on Facebook post a link to The Onion completely outraged about the article. Without understanding satire, people do not really understand the point of parody news.

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