Would you like to Super Size that?

I remember watching Super Size Me, and thinking, “Man, that’s a LOT of McDonald’s!” It made my stomach hurt just watching it. I can see how it was seen as a ‘gimmick’ because no one is actually going to eat McDonald’s for EVERY meal, EVERY day. But at least it can show the health risks of fast food in general.


I liked that the article talked about documentaries being honest, independent and productive. I’d like to think that most of them are honest, however you have to watch where they get their information from. Most are not independent to be able to make it into theaters. I also think that most documentaries in general are pretty productive, depending on the issue.


There is one very powerful documentary that I think everyone should see. It’s honestly, pretty hard to watch, and you might need a box of tissues. (which I didn’t know, so I left with a soaked sleeve…attractive). It’s called Earthlings. I think you can find it on Netflix. It’s about how animals are treated for their fur, for food, and other purposes. It’s a very graphic film and should not be taken lightly. This definitely had an impact on me, and make more aware of where I get meat and poultry. (right after, I did want to become vegan….for about a week, but hey, I tried). But coming face-to-face with what happens to these animals really makes you think. Fur has never really been an issue for me. I’m not really a fan of wearing fur, and if i were to get anything it would be fake. I think everyone can benefit from viewing this film. My suggestion is to not watch it alone though. Help each other through it, then watch a comedy movie after to lighten the mood.

I’m exciting to hear about the documentaries everyone has seen! A couple others worth mentioning: Buck Angel and Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

Thank you for reading!



3 thoughts on “Would you like to Super Size that?

  1. Thanks for the recommendation. The documentary Food Inc. first had me thinking about where I got my food and the poor conditions animals are kept in. Not only thinking about animal happiness, but how their gross conditions can affect us too. It’s always a challenge deciding between good quality meat and cheap meat. I love to hunt though so hopefully that’ll help solve that problem! Thanks for the post!

  2. Hey Rachel just wanted to respond to your comment, I know isn’t that Bieber thing insane and now look at him. It’s cool to see someone comment on your posts that get when your joking around so it was cool to see your reply.
    After seeing the end to Shutter Island my jaw dropped! That Rosenhan guy definitely had some guys to let himself be stuck in a mental hospital. I have to say though it would be pretty fun to do that one thing to get yourself admitted, like telling everyone about driving with aliens or something crazy like that haha.
    You should definitely check out Into the Wild though, it is such an awesome movie! The trailer I put on my post doesn’t do the movie justice at all, the last half is especially trying to be heartfelt hahah. Let me know if you check it out though, you sound like you have good taste (laughing at Shiw LeDouche), hopefully I won’t lead you wrong 🙂

  3. You’re actually the second person to recommend Earthlings to me! Although the first person was a hardcore vegetarian who liked to push their anti-meat agendas on anyone, which is cool but not my style. I really enjoy food documentaries but I feel like too many try to force a certain type of diet on to its viewers (being vegetarian or vegan is awesome but I’m not about that life) so I do choose which ones I watch cautiously. So it’s cool that after seeing such an intense documentary you became more aware and cautious with your eating habits instead of changing them completely, it makes me actually want to see the documentary now! It is so important to know where your food is coming from and that the source is safe for the animals, the workers, and the consumers.

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