I found the podcast this week really hard to follow and I hope I’m not the only one who had a hard time. I did catch how Iggy Scam was explaining the evolution of the radio and how at first the station he listened to was really exciting and started to play some local rap. Them it got into how all the stations were beginning to sound the same by replaying the popular songs over and over again. I find this happening even today. I was on my way to Sacramento, which is about an hour drive from me, and i have 3 or 4 radio stations plugged into my car, and two of them would consistently be playing the same new songs, and it definitely gets annoying pretty fast!

As far as my own experience with radio, my older sister and I used to listen to it all the time. We would record our favorite songs onto cassette tapes, (did anyone else do that?!). We also thought it was cool to make our own radio “show” with our neighbors, which was really just us recording ourselves talking and singing! Also when I was little, radio Disney was THE show to listen to. This was one of my favorite channels and they always played my favorite songs.

In our articles this week, I had no idea that Pandora was actually losing money! I used to use Pandora, but now I currently use Spotify. It makes complete sense that the radio ratings went up with hurricane Sandy. In a natural disaster like that, we can’t rely on the internet always working.
As far as what i think the future of the radio in society will be, I think it will decrease overall. I do think that with natural disasters and events like them, people will turn back to the original radio form. I personally don’t listen to the radio as much as i used to. Today was the first time in a long time. I hope that we can all keep this form of music and information alive and well!


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6 thoughts on “Radio

  1. My older brother and I totally did the same thing with cassette tapes when I was little! I also made my own radio show on my little kid speaker that had a cassette player and I would put a blank cassette in and record myself singing songs and pretend to be a DJ 🙂 I like how you said that radio is basically going to fade but not necessarily go away completely. I think that is a good prediction because I don’t think it will ever go away but we might only use radios during an emergency in the future instead of as a form of entertainment.

  2. Rachel I totally blogged about Radio Disney this week. That was my channel as a kid hahaha. I also found the podcast a bit tough to follow. Loved the Brave Little Toaster “Radio” cameo too.

  3. when I heard it at first I too found it hard to follow. also, I didn’t listen to Disney radio. what I did find interesting was the whole idea about playing the songs on a loop. sometimes (if I like the song) I’ll enjoy it. but after sometime it gets annoying. like when your going down to sac or LA and you switch between stations and all of those 3 tracks are on at the same time. don’t you guys hate that?

  4. I think the best gift for Christmas (every year) were blank 90 minute tapes to record off the radio. Nothing made me happier. And then sticking it into my autoreverse tape player? Awesome. Made long distance trips much more enjoyable. Made it easier to control what was playing.

  5. HI Rachel,

    I also have about four stations plugged into my car and if I’m, in my car long enough they all end up replaying the same songs, which gets annoying fast. The radio station will be playing my favorite song in the beginning of the week, but then by the end of the week I can’t stand to hear the song anymore. I never did record my favorite songs on cassette tapes the only thing I’ve ever recorded music on to was a CD, but that’s pretty cool that you and your sister used to do that. Disney radio station was definitely my favorite station to listen to too, the only station that I can remember ever being on AM instead of FM, which I always thought was strange. I think you made some great points in your blod, thanks for sharing.

  6. I totally remember trying to listen to the radio and waiting to record my favorite song and then walking out of the room, only to return to the song I was waiting for half-over. There were very few things as frustrating than that to a 7 year old me.
    I also remember getting very upset with Radio Disney for never answering my calls.
    When it comes to natural disasters and the radio, I totally agree. It is a easy way to get information to a large amount of people, even when the internet and tv are down.

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